About Us

Enyax Srl

Enyax was founded following the need to give continuity to high technological content projects. In particular innovation for environmental protection and the development of renewable forms of energy.

The crossfunctional teams within the company has always been dedicated to do market research in order to determine the exact requirements of the industries and give continuity to their supply chain.

Our values are based on the time - based international competition, we work to give to foreign and national companies the opportunity to have the right high technology product.

Enyax has relationships with local universities and institutions including qualified laboratories for research and industrial development.

In the field of plastic Enyax holds expertise in the following forms : Biodegradable plastics, Additives, Basic polymers.

Enyax first area of work is the field of additive's manufacture and distribution, an area in which the expertise and the training of the staff has resulted in the growth and branching of the internal and external organizational structure, through to the continuous collection of feedback that made possible to optimize the entire distribution cycle.

In the renewable energy sector is mainly engaged in wind energy without excluding biomass energy , geothermal and hydropower. Among the main objectives of growth Enyax aims to: Develop a substantial sales network in Europe and the world of proprietary products; Develop auxiliaries and complementary products to the industrial production including additives for the plastic industry; Expand the context of counseling on approaching emerging markets.

Following the need of our customer we have expanded the polymers distribution area where we had found a great feedback, that gave us the opportunity to start new business relationship.

With a customer oriented strategy and shared values Enyax Srl grant to different international companies the opportunity to have a business connection with Italian and European markets.